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"Liviko" odwiedził Marani

Z końcem września Telavi Wine Cellar przyjęło eksporterów z Litwy i Łotwy.  
On September 17-18 and 24-25,2011 representatives of SIA “Liviko” and UAB “Liviko” and their customers paid a visit to the company. Marani arranged a memorable tour around Kartli and Kakheti for over 50 guests. The guests were impressed by the Georgian culture and traditions. They had a great chance to fully familiarize themselves with the history of Georgian wine-making, to observe the magnetism of Kakhetian Vintage and get acquainted with the fine points of Marani wine production. The tasting for them was arranged in the Kindzmarauli Vineyards. Charmed with Georgian wine and hospitality, the Latvian and Lithuanian guests stated that they will ensure the proper promotion of Georgian wines on the Baltic-country markets.