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Satrapezo 10 Kvevri 2010 zabutelkowane

6 500 butelek (0,75 L) Satrapezo 10 Qvevri Rkatsiteli ze zbiorów 2010 r. zostało zabutelkowanych.
It was back in 2007, when Marani launched the 2006 vintage of this very special variation of Rkatsiteli under the Satrapezo brand.

It has already been the fourth year that the most delicate embodiment of Rkatsiteli, Satrapezo 10 Qvevri, stays among the consumers’ favorites. The 2009 vintage of it is already sold out with only a few bottles saved for the collectors and the Marani enoteca itself.

Satrapezo 10 Kvevri Rkatsiteli is made of grape harvested in specially maintained vineyards in compliances with traditional Georgian winemaking techniques dating back 6000 years, using prolonged skin maceration in huge Kvevri-clay jug buried in an earthen floor of wine cellar. More information about Satrapezo 10 Kvevri Rqatsiteli 2010.